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August 22, 2011

Saturday brunch at dear ol’ Prune. I had ricotta with sun-dried figs, raspberries, and merveilles, which I now know are airy little citrus-scented fried breads. They forgot the toasted pine nuts but it was still absolutely delightful.

Mandie had soft-scrambled eggs with the best hash brown patty either of us had ever tasted. And we both had bloodies (how can you not when brunching at Prune, land of the ten-item bloody menu?). Mine came with a big hunk of wasabi and a beef swizzle stick ‘cause my hangover needed a kick in the pants.

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Notes from others:

  1. nickey said: LOVE this place. Last time I went I asked where they found those paper thin bloody glasses, and shockingly, they’re from CB2. Ran out and got some the next day.
  2. ingoodtaste said: Can we talk about your necklace? I LOVE it.
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