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June 9, 2010

Beautiful World Cup Calendar - check it out

"A voracious consumer of culture," isn’t that what we called him, Andrea? I’m so glad you’re in my/our life/lives, Peter! 

So tell me: where’s The Place to Be for the US vs. UK game? I want to convince my single ladies to come watch it with me. There’s gonna be BOYS, right? (Non-single ladies also welcome too, of course.)


Dear girlfriend, friends, and others:

The World Cup is about to start. This Friday in fact. Starting this Friday, for exactly a month, there is international tournament style soccer happening several times a day, every day.

Imagine if the entire world cared about March Madness and these were professional athletes representing countries instead of schools. The World Cup has the power to shut entire countries down during a single game (and it has), with the country of Ireland famously syncing with the host’s time zone even.

These are big games. Bigger than the Olympics. And they only happen every 4 years. I will be watching them. I will be moving my schedule around for them. And let’s hope you bear with me because I’ll be back again on July 12th.

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    AWESOME 2010 world cup calendar!
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    guys since i can’t really care about basketball right now, it’s time to do the right thing by my dad who loves soccer...
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    i’m considering watching the world cup this year, not because i’m a soccer fan. in fact, i have little to no knowledge...
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    This is a fantastic calendar! I’ve decided to build this into a desktop application for any Windows users who will wanna...
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    after reading this time magazine article on my way to work this morning, i am now quite excited for the world cup. not...
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    OMG excited. Even more excited considering I can get the stream from ESPN3 at work.
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