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November 14, 2013


For the past several weeks, Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman and product VP Travis Bogard have been wearing the next generation of the company’s popular UP wristband everywhere—at the office, at home, out in public. The pair was discreet, but never worried about the device falling into the wrong hands.

"That’s the nice thing about wearables," Bogard laughs—the odds of forgetting them at a bar are very low.

Today, however, after much testing, Rahman and Bogard finally unveiled Jawbone’s newest product, the UP24. Along with an upgraded UP app, the UP24 fitness-tracking band improves on many features of its predecessor. But the larger promise of the device is what it signals for the future of wearable computing: seamless syncing and interactions, passive real-time updates, and a burgeoning ecosystem of connected devices.


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    "Santa" brought me a Jawbone Up24 for Christmas! I am liking it so far. I slept with it on last night and so far I am...
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    Ya esta aqui la nueva jabone 24, mejorada y ahora con sincronización Bluetooth..
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