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September 13, 2013

Last week we hosted a Kitchit dinner party and it was really the strangest thing — we got to sit and enjoy ourselves in our own home. We never do that! We’re always the ones running around with our heads about to pop off.

The concept is pretty simple: you tell Kitchit what kind of chef you want — taking into account price point, cuisine, food restrictions, etc — and they send one. He or she does all the work, from prep to clean-up, while you simply put your feet up and chill.  

… not that we could do that completely.

I mean, we HAD to make cocktails.

But this was as close to that delicious, waited-upon experience you get in restaurants as I’ve ever had in our home, and it was delightful — big thanks to Chef Dave Goody for crafting such a yummy and thoughtful meal. (They also do cocktail parties, catered events, and cooking lessons.)

Here’s something cool — Kitchit has a "go Dutch" feature where you can split the bill with friends, without that awkward end-of-night Soooo, how much does everyone owe? moment. It would be perfect for birthdays. After you factor in the fact that you’re providing your own wine — Kitchit’s a deal.

And psst — if you have young kids, just think: you can put them to bed and have a good time. No $$ babysitter necessary.

So far it’s only in the Bay Area, LA, NYC, and Chicago, but they’re comin’ at ya, rest-of-America. Get on board.

Bonus! Use the code KITCHIT10 to get 10% off any booked events. 

PS: Gwyneth loves ‘em, if that sort of thing matters to you — but unlike so many things she loves, you don’t have to be Gwyneth to afford it (phew).

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