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June 24, 2013

Bike Lust

My bike is from 1998. Maybe older? All I know is my parents bought it for me when I was a teenager. It did some time down in New Orleans (no, not THAT kind of time — that was just me). For a solid three years, it’s gotten me to work and back five days a week, rain, shine, and sleet. I once rode all the way around the circumference on Manhattan on her. We’ve had our fun and now it’s time she was put out to pasture.

Look, it’s not just that she’s old. It’s gotten to the point where she just sucks. The Trek gears are (notoriously) terrible, the brakes make noise.

It sucks so much that the other night after I got a flat AGAIN — even though I fill ‘er up with a bit of air every week (uh, usually) like you’re supposed to and EVEN THOUGH I dutifully spend the $150 each spring for her tune-up — I just left her there. Locked up and in front a fire house, at least … but I just left her.

That was on Wednesday.

(I should really probably go get it.)

Anyway, as you can obviously guess, the point of this post is I’ve got a burnin-yearnin to drop a cool thousand+ on this sexy little commuter baby.

Anyone have a Public bike? (Also looking at the equally hipster Linus but reviews say these are better….)

What do you think?

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Notes from others:

  1. jeanhannah said: Pretty! Are there Tokyo bikes in NYC? Comparable specs, beautiful rides.
  2. citizenmichelle said: how do you ride in the rain w/out looking like a drowned rat?? just curious!! :)
  3. nancysun said: I’ve ridden Linus touring bike before and dug it. I have a guy’s bianchi (on sale) but would’ve also gotten a cannondale if price panned out. I’d test ride them.
  4. darklamb answered: critical cycles. reviews are as good and half the price including free shipping. i got the 7speed dutch style step thru in black!
  5. petitchou answered: I have a Public bike (the C7 in blue) and absolutely love it. I live in SF, it handles the hills and potholes beautifully! And lightweight.
  6. chessa-l answered: I’ve got this bike as my commuter:…
  7. profashional said: natalie - (streetsmarts) has one that she raves about!
  8. littledidiknow said: The sexier your bike looks the harder someone will work to steal it. I would lean to the less flashy side.
  9. noraleah posted this