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June 12, 2013

3-D Ocean Farming: Saving Our Seas

Our friend Bren of Thimble Island Oyster Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to scale up his innovative and sustainable “3D” approach to ocean farming, which makes the most of the water column by growing several different species of shellfish and kelp, from the seabed to the surface.

At Drink Like A Fish, we highlighted kelp’s nutrients and flavor — but it also restores depleted ecosystems, absorbs five times the carbon than land-based plants, and has huge potential as a biofuel. A network of kelp farms half the size of Maine could replace all the oil in the U.S. — incredible!

Bren has gotten a lot of media attention because what he’s doing is cutting-edge and truly brilliant — but in order to be world-changing, he needs our help. This campaign will help him get to a scale where he can establish kelp’s new place in our diets, our ecosystem, and our energy system, as well as teach his methods to other ocean farmers, building a blue-green economy, job by job.

As someone who has worked in sustainability for six years I can tell you — this is about as close to a magic bullet as we’re going to get.

I do hope you’ll join us in our support. And please spread the word!

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