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February 7, 2013

"Fish from the Boss’ hometown?" he texted me.

I mean, is the Pope a former Nazi? Hells yeah.

And that is how these two little Black Bass bros from Asbury Park came to reside in our Staub. M. roasted them with Meyer lemon, garlic, and lashings of New Jersey hothouse Italian parsley and arugula for 25 minutes at 400F. (All ingredients, btw, that he’s seen recently in Dave’s walk-in at Louro — as good a sign as any that they’re exactly what we should be eating circa right this second.) Served with orange-cumin carrots, tee-tiny potatoes, and caprese with housemade mootzarel from Emily’s Pork Store and hothouse Jersey cherry tomatoes.

Baby we were born to cooooooook….

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