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February 7, 2013

Underground Eats knows how to put on a hell of a show. One six-course meal, three all-star chefs — Sean Brock of Husk and McCrady’s, George Mendes of Aldea, and our friend Dave Santos, of Louro and before that Um Segredo. I mean the talent in that kitchen…! And the happy feelings in my mouth…!

Chef Brock’s food was more than worth the years I’ve waited to taste it, and even managed to take me by surprise despite the reams I’ve read about it (good thing, right? food should always be more than words can describe). Speaking of words that cannot do justice, ‘elegant in a very earthy way’ is the phrase that popped in my head when describing it to a friend.

Good news for my fellow New Yorkers who have never made it to his places in Charleston: Chef’s big goal is to open a restaurant in our fair city, and given his fame and success, I’m sure that’ll happen no later than next year.

And the South shall rise again.

PS: Big shout-out to my boo and the delicious Whistle Pig rye corn milk punch with a port float and a secret ingredient (Corn Pops) that satisfied the 19-year-old stoner in me. Ya did great, babe.

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