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January 24, 2013

I make food for awesomeness, not just food for tasting good.

Watched the first episode of “The Taste” and I am beginning to suspect after a decade of cooking shows we have officially run out of willing and qualified contestants.

These people are serving kugle and they expect it to get them on a TV show? And some of these flavor combinations — pineapple, turkey, maitake mushroom, AND mac and cheese? (I mean c’mon, he was trolling, right?) Lamb with crab? Fish with butterscotch? Steak with vanilla? Jesus.  

Hope the pay is worth it, Bourdain.

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  1. spunrightround said: What about that crazy Mac and cheese. What was that?
  2. thecupcaketologisttravels said: don’t really get this show, but dear god, nigella and bourdain is one filthy ménage à trois i wouldn’t mind finding myself in.
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