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January 19, 2013

Pho Gras: one of my favorite courses at our ‘official’ anniversary dinner at WD-50 on Wednesday. Incredibly, it was my first time there. I say incredibly because it was the first modernist restaurant on my radar — indeed, it’s arguably the first modernist restaurant to open in the US — and I have been wanting to eat there for oh, only about six years. Plus over the past year or so, M. has been working with the head bartender, Kevin, and Chef Wylie on developing new cocktail tricks (something something fat-washing has got them REALLY excited as of late).

Anyway. Pho Gras. 

First of all, it’s foie, and lord knows that always gets me hot. But the real pleasure of it was that you got to experience it many times over the course of the meal.

Because that broth — it smelled incredible. 

And every time a neighboring table was served this course, the aroma enveloped you in a cloud of beef tendon and angel wings.

So you were primed with anticipation before getting it, and filled with happy memories after.

Plus it actually, you know, tasted fucking amazing. 

That always helps.

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  1. mar-see-ah said: Ugh! I still haven’t been here. What’s wrong w me? Matt’s going to London demain so maybe I’ll schedule a coming home dinner for him there. (Ha, coming home from a 4 day biz trip. Whatever excuse I need for foie gras.)
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