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December 18, 2012

vincentvangonads said: I've decided to make that amazing bacon caramel marshmallow bark for Christmas. Is it very time consuming? I don't even need to ask if its worth it because I'm sure it is.

Not very. I would say it took me about 2 hours, and that was while I was also making chocolate cake and vegetable stock. The tricky part is sorting out the order of operations, because there are many moving parts. I made the caramel first but then had to reheat it. Might have been better to make it when it was needed, which would mean: 

  1. Make the bacon topping
  2. While it’s in the oven, melt the chocolate
  3. Spread the chocolate, freeze for 5 minutes, melt the marshmallows, add whiskey, spread the marshmallows, let it cool in fridge or countertop
  4. Make the caramel, spread the caramel
  5. Freeze for 5 minutes, spread second layer of chocolate, sprinkle with bacon

Finally: I used half the bacon and everything turned out dandy. There’s plenty of it on the finished bark. I didn’t reduce the egg white and spices in the bacon crumble recipe, though I did make less of the sugar wash (3 tbsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. water).

And yes, it’s definitely worth it. Happy Holidays!

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