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December 14, 2012

thejuicyshow said: The Killer from Liquiteria is my favorite juice of all time. Rock on. Try Abraco for coffee though.

It’s the greatest, isn’t it? But so expensive! So I’ve been reverse-engineering it at home and while my recipe would not fool a true Killer connoisseur in a blind taste-test, I think this is more or less it (note this is for the spicier Killer XX):

Juice of 2.5 apples (I use a mix of green and red), 1-1.5 lemons, 1.5-2-inch knob of ginger, small pinch of cayenne. 

Liquiteria also adds an immunity blend of vitamins, which I suppose you could procure at a health food store.

And as for Abraco, I LOVE their coffee. But they were out of the way on that particular (hungover) morning.

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