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December 14, 2012

A late-night snack at Calliope last night after the Control Group holiday party. M. has been battling a cold — while simultaneously getting a bar program off the ground! — and last night’s special, pot-au-feu, was JUST what the (French) doctor ordered. As for me — I’ve been trying to eat very healthy during the week so I can indulge like crazy these holiday weekends — classic oeufs mayonnaise felt luxurious without completely weighing me down. (Me and Julia Child — the only gals who consider mayonnaise a reasonable dieting option. Hey, I ate HALF.)

A note about pot-au-feu: although I’ve certainly read about it (in Food of France, among other things), I realized last night I had never tasted this hallmark of French rustic cuisine. The concept is elevating off-cuts of beef (marrow, tongue, etc.) with a rich broth, perfectly cooked vegetables, and pungent mix-in seasonings (parsley butter, horseradish, mustard, and coarse salt).

The concept is spectacular.

And now we are dreaming of hosting a pot-au-feu dinner party before the winter is through…. The appetizer? Healthy oeufs mayonnaise, mas oui.

PS: The iPhone 5’s camera handles low-light SO much better. Processing is also noticeably faster. Thanks, babe, for giving me your upgrade! You da best.

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  1. uneamericaine said: In every French grocery store right now, you can find pot au feu vegetables + bouquet garnis all packaged together (it’s adorable). We don’t eat meat but we buy it to make vegetable soup. Sounds like a great idea for a party! Xo
  2. heelsandhardhat said: i wantttt thissssssss
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