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November 30, 2012

Dan Hacker asked yesterday why the Coke cans are “turned with the labels perfectly facing the camera” in this picture. Which sent me down an internet k-hole where I found these shots by another Mormon blogger.

I already half-heartedly suspect that the Church of the LDS is in some way behind the prevalence of shiny-happy Mormon blogs (perhaps ‘has a hand in’ is a better term).

Is Coke the secret sponsor? 

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Notes from others:

  1. guardianofgimcracks reblogged this from bitsofjess and added:
    Mormons are allowed to drink soda now?
  2. bitsofjess reblogged this from noraleah and added:
    I am now going to be hyper-aware of this with every Mormon mommy blogger that I read.
  3. danhacker said: Ok, that’s weird and too perfect not to be a coincidence. Either Coke is a sponsor or they are wanting Coke to sponsor them. This actually looks like a legit diet Coke ad.
  4. mar-see-ah said: yes, Mormons were not allowed to drink caffeine for the longest time but then the prophet invested heavily in Coke so now Coke is ok.
  5. shimmyrock said: Who is the mommy blogger you posted with the baby yesterday? I want to see more. :) the link only goes to the image.
  6. suresuresuresuresuresure said: I see others have pointed out the coke Mormon thing. But….I agree that the LDS may run the Mormon mommy blogging empire
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