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November 29, 2012

Since we all had some fun talking (a tiny bit of) smack earlier today…

How bummed is Julia Allison that all of Mitt Romney’s sons are married?

'Cause I think if we've learned anything from Rockstar Diaries, it's that Julia should be a Mormon.

Just think!

She could have it all…

A husband with a very well paying job

…and a predilection (not to mention real knack!) for taking a million flattering photos of her

Picture-perfect children

Internet fame

And, with a Romney on her arm, REAL money behind all that brass.

A ready-made Stepford Life to walk right into.

Oh and also! 

They don’t drink!

Neither does she

(as we all know)


Julia Alison should marry a Romney.

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Notes from others:

  1. tam-ara-kate said: basement cat ladies unite.
  2. lilitmarcus said: You’re a catlady too!
  3. socalledlife said: How did I miss the smack?
  4. bthnyktz said: Spot on!
  5. noraleah posted this