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October 1, 2012

Ate some things, drank some things: excellent fried Shishito peppers with lemon and sea salt (must recreate sometime), extra-crunchy chicken wings, and "Midwestern-style" pizza at Nicoletta (yeah, not entirely clear on what that means either but the crust was substantial and chewy and there was a lot of cheese, so sure, why not, let’s call it Midwestern),

Curry in a Hurry for my birthday-twin Ken (mostly just BYODrank that dinner),

and finally, brunchy things at the Wren: a manly beef  bouillon cocktail (yang) with kombucha on the side (yin) and did you know we’re doing kombucha on tap now? Yes it’s a thing. Also ricotta-bacon-honey toast (another dish begging to be recreated) and some healthier things, not pictured, ‘cause who wants to look at pictures of healthy things?

Btw, brunch cocktails are $6 with your food at Wren. Great deal.

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