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May 2, 2012

Last night’s dinner: a spring salad of frisee, asparagus, peas, radish, and goat’s milk ricotta, stinky cheese and fresh bread from Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria (for my money, they’re making some of the best bread in the city), and a gorgeous Burgundy premier cru.

No mussels, though you can see I satisfied the craving for plump green peas. A note on that: Whole Foods didn’t have any fresh peas so I went with frozen. Don’t fear the frozen pea! If you cook them quickly and gently, they taste almost as good as if they were fresh-picked. And just to be clear (people ask), I peeled and blanched the asparagus, then let them and the peas cool in an ice bath before making the salad. It would have been lovely topped with a six-minute egg, if I wasn’t planning to gorge on (more) cheese.

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  1. chiaraatik said: This looks AMAZING! I have to learn how to cook. Last night I tried really, really hard to make an omelet. Ended up with scrambled eggs for dinner instead.
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