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September 21, 2011

Forget Ladurée. For macarons, it’s all about Pierre Herme. My favorite flavor was All Of Them but especially Olive. Le nomnom!

PS: M. is going back on Thursday to pick up my birthday cake but that’s sorta supposed to be a surprise so shhhhh.

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    It’s true. Ladurée is wonderful of course, but Pierre Hermé is where it’s at. I’ve yet to visit the actual shop (it’s on...
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  6. iamplasticdoughnut said: I totally agree! PH is so much better than Laduree! Fantastic photos! I miss Paris and all its magic :(
  7. lushush said: gorgeous colour
  8. veronicalovesarchie said: happy birthday Norah! what a perfect place to be. xx
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  10. pizzatoporkpie said: I agree! We’ve got a few shops here in London and I love the inventive flavours. Just avoid the truffle…and this is coming from a girl who loves truffles.
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